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The Beauty Lab is proud to be a Davines Concept Salon, that means we exclusively use Davines products for everything that we do!

What is Davines?

Davines is a family owned company from Parma, Italy.  Starting out as a research labratory in 1983, Davines eventually evolved into an International company, championing sustainable beauty with their revolution hair products. Davines strives not for the highest profits, but for the most effective, healthy, safe and  friendly products in the industry.

Essential Haircare

Essential Haircare is the solution for at home hair care. Consisting of 9 different families to meet the needs of any hair type or hair challenge . You can instantly feel the difference when you use Davines Essential Haircare, your hair will immediately be more manageable, soft and shiny! Essential Haircare is made with the most sustainable, high quality, effective ingredients. Every detail is thought out at great lengths to give you a product that is incredibly effective, fair trade and sustainable. That's beauty you can feel good about, beauty from the inside out!

Families of Essential Haircare

Minu - Illuminating and Protecting for colored hair. With extract from salina caper buds rich in polyphenols to protect the color of the hair.

Momo - Moisturizing for dry dehydrated hair. With yellow melon extract rich in water, vitamins and mineral salts to impart extra moisture.

Nounou - Nourishing for damaged or very dry hair. With guaceto fiaschetto tomato extract rich in protein and antioxidants.

Volu- Volumizing for fine or limp hair, with wool and caprauna turnip extract rich in vitamins and minerals  for extra body volume.

Dede- Delicate for everyday and all hair types. With red celery for remineralizing.

Love Smooth - For frizzy or unruly hair. With minuta olive extract for elasticizing and softening.

Love Curly - Elasticizing and controlling for curly and wavy hair. With noto almond extract for elasticizing and volumizing.

Melu - Anti-breakage for long or damaged hair. With villalba lentil seeds rich in amino acids to nourish and repair.

Solu - Solutions for all hair types with Valtellina buckwheat extract rich in mineral salts and amino acids. 

Davines Essential Hair care Slow Food
Davines Oi oil based line
Davines More Inside

More Inside

           More Inside is the effective and sustainable styling line from Davines! Consisting of 18 different products to meet the demands of any style or every hair type.  The name tells you exactly what each product does, and each products does what is says it will do while leaving your hair moisturized and clean feeling.

More Inside Styling Line-up

Sea Salt Spray - Gives hair fullness, body and texture.

Curl Building Serum - Makes wavy hair curly

Oil non Oil - Fluid gel with no hold

Medium Hold  Modeling Gel - Moisturizing gel with a medium hold

Invisible Serum - Pearly and elastic cream gel with little hold

Moisturizing Relaxing Fluid - Moisturizing and relaxing to smooth and straighten hair

strong Hold Cream Gel - Strong hold for "wet" looking styles

Medium Hold Pliable Paste - Malleable paste with a medium hold and  effect

Medium hold Finishing Gum - Texturing  hair gum with a medium hold and inadvisable effect

Strong Molding Clay - Strong hold with a mat finish

Strong Dry Wax - Dry mat wax with an extra strong hold

Volume Boosting Mousse - Creamy snow like mousse to add volume

Curl Moisturizing Mousse - Creamy mousse to add control and moisture to wavy and curly hair

Invisible No Gas Spray - A non aerosol shaping spray, for use with hot tools or to hold moveable shape

Strong Hairspray -  strong hold invisible  hairspray

Medium Hairspray -  medium hold hairspray